It’s no accident that large commercial buildings utilize water-cooled air conditioning systems. Typically water-cooled systems have a 40% to 60% efficiency advantage over air-cooled air conditioning equipment.  A water cooled equipment called an Evaporative Fluid Cooling Tower offers two types of coils. You can cool the refrigerant (Evaporative Condenser Cooling) directly or you can subcool (Evaporative Subcooling) utilizing a fluid coil and a refrigerant/fluid heat exchanger. 

Refrigerant Sub Cooling is a reliable energy-saving alternative to increasing the cooling capacity of air-conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, and most anything that uses refrigerant. Reduces the condenser energy consumption.


The technology modifies a standard direct-expansion, vapor-compression refrigerant system with the addition of a heat exchanger in the liquid line of the system. The technology is proving particularly applicable in direct-expansion vapor-compression air-conditioning equipment, especially where old units are being reconditioned, replaced or where new construction/expansion or new installation is planned.

The Sub Cooling technology is one of many new energy-saving technologies to emerge in the last 20 years and not only provides for additional cooling capacity but will reduce compressor power, leading to greater overall system efficiency.


Besides saving energy, subcooling benefits the environment through reduced emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide associated with power generation.

The Evaporative Sub-Cooling utilizes evaporative technology long proven in the large commercial/industrial sector. The development of light weight very efficient closed circuit cooling towers (evaporative fluid cooler) are utilized in “Evaporative Sub-Cooling” applications.  The tower and a pump module circulate a water/glycol solution in an insulated condensing water loop that could be connected to numerous refrigerant systems, roof top HVAC units at one time. These towers  are sized to 20% of the total capacity of the units to be retrofitted. 

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